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Sensitive Operations

Western Land Services have a specialised unit of dedicated PLANT GURU’s, who cater specifically to Environmentally Sensitive Areas, such as high priority grasslands, wetlands and general areas of importance.  Their services are available to all current and potential clientele upon request.  So DON’T be afraid to tell us if you’re feeling a little squeamish about controlling those certain special or sensitive areas - Because we have complete experts, trained specifically for you, right here at Western Land Services.




Slashing, Mowing & General Maintenance

Western Land Services can provide teams and machinery to either, slash, mow, drill or plough your land or property.  These services can be employed to create fire barriers, prevent the onset of pest plant seeding, to drill fencing holes as well as general property maintenance.   Whether large or small, Western Land Services can cater to all your land maintenance needs.





Western Land Services are highly skilled in Land Restoration Works

Revegetation for erosion control, including preparation works such as installation of jute-matting and completion of earthworks.


    * Revegetation for weed control, including spraying preparation for weed control.

    * Revegetation for habitat creation in environmentally significant areas.

    * Revegetation for agro-forestry and plantations.




Environmental Earthworks


Earthworks are sometimes necessary for large-scale rehabilitation works on degraded land such as areas affected by erosion, weed infestations and areas requiring revegetation.

Western Land Services provide and are licensed for a range of environmental earthworks including:


    * Tree line ripping for effective revegetation in a range of situations.

    * Erosion control works such as bank re-instatement, river re-shaping, creation of diversion banks etc.

    * Woody removal such as willow species, boxthorn and other species




Woody weed removal


Western Land Services provide staff, experienced in tree felling and stump removal services including:


    * General removal of trees and stumps.

    * Stump blasting for difficult or large removal.

    * Removal of weedy tree species.




Animal Exclusion/ Farm Fencing

Western Land Services provides both temporary and permanent fences for a variety of situations including animal exclusion and general farm fencing.  Exclusion fencing is a long term, cost effective means of protecting your property from invasive pests such as rabbits, fox or deer.  Western Land Services can construct pest-exclusion fences to exclude many types of animal pests from your enclosures. Whether its to protect plants in horticulture, preserve grassland for grazing animals, or to protect endemic species in nature reserves, we can build it.





GIS Mapping and Land Management Plans

GIS mapping can assist you to more accurately identify various aspects of an area.   They allow you to see the entire picture and select management techniques to fit. Western Land Services can develop Land Management Plans to suit your every need including pest plant and animal control, revegetation/rehabilitation works, environmental earthworks and other management techniques for properties of any size such as farms and commercial properties.  We can also identify and highlight problem areas using GIS Mapping specifics.





Our teams are fully trained to command and generate GIS maps using TUMAUS and MAPINFO, as a part of a tailored Land Management Plan.

Using these programs, a variety of features can be mapped for you, including:


    * Pest plant infestations

    * Areas of indigenous vegetation, species and densities.

    * Pest Animals

    * Warren systems, Fox dens and Other Stationery Harbours.

    * Areas effected by erosion and salinity.

    * Topography and aspect.

    * Location of dams, creeks and rivers.

    * Location of fences and property boundaries.


And much more