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Vegetation Management

When weeds or pest plants are allowed to establish and reproduce in an area, preventing their spread is extremely difficult.  If left untreated, weeds can:


» Adversely alter ecosystem functions & Contribute to land degradation

» Reduce native biodiversity & Prevent native regeneration

» Cause live stock toxicity and serious human health issues

» Threaten the economic stability of companies, landholders and the   community


Western Land Services are here to assist you in your efforts to control these invasions.  Our services include pest, plant and vermin removal and control, ground, water and aerial weed control, sensitive zone management and maintenance, environmental earthworks, GIS mapping, land management planning and application, erosion control, native grassland, woodland, wetland, riperian and forest management, revegetation services and large or small scale removal works of ALL weed varieties.

Western Land Services provide a comprehensive range of biosecurity and pest management services and use a range of control solutions including agrichemicals, herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators, etc.  Our teams are expertly trained to implement a wide range of specialised Chemical, Mechanical, Biological, Manual and Preventative weed management techniques including:


» Tractor/ATV Boom Spraying Services

» Wick Wiper Application

» Stem Injection

» Cut & Paint

» Slashing & Excavation of Problem Areas

» Brush-Cut & Poisoning of Dense Weed Areas

» Chemical or physical termite barriers for new building structures

» Over-Planting to suffocate or prevent weed growth

» Moisture & Soil Nutrient Manipulation

» Manual Weed Removal

» Preventative Land Management Plans or Early Detection and Intervention    Control Programs

» Sensitive Weed Control & Area Management

» Pre-Emergence Spraying

» Knapsack Foliar Spot Spraying

» Rig Spraying

» Stump Poisoning

» Cut & Paint Methods

» Mowing + Over Top Spray

» Woody Weed Poisoning or Removal

» Re-Seeding

» Weed Matting & Revegetation

» Onsite Assessment

» Manual Blanket Spraying

» Timber Felling


Western Land Services have a fleet of specialized vehicles, each fitted with the latest spray control equipment, to provide the most efficient and cost effective means of chemical application.  And lastly, to ensure your absolute peace of mind, Western Land Services has a large specialised team of qualified chemical applicators who are experts in the identification, control and management of environmental weeds, pests and vermin.  We also have a specialised unit of dedicated PLANT GURU’s, who cater specifically to Environmentally Sensitive Areas, such as high priority grasslands, wetlands and general areas of importance.