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Vermin Management

Pest animals are generally animals that did not occur naturally, in Australia, prior to European Settlement.  They are often referred to as “exotics” or “vermin” and are considered to be one of the most significant threats to economic productivity and environmental values in Victoria.



Under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994, land owners are now responsible for managing pest animals on their land.  To ease this responsibility, Western Land Services offer a range of long and short term pest control strategies to provide land owners with peace of mind.


These include:


Mechanical Pest Control

Using excavators and diggers with fitted rippers to remove or destroy pest harbour’s, warrens, or dens.

Biological Pest Control

Using Trained Ferrets under supervised situations to control small vermin e.g.  Rabbits, Rodents or other Mustalids

Chemical Pest Control

Fumigation or Ground Baiting Applications using a selection of Pesticides, Monitored 1080 Meat or Vegetative Baits, to control a range of vertebrate pests.

Manual Pest Control

Western Land Services employ a wide range of trapping and removal solutions and provide onsite eradication (Day or Night Shooting) and carcass removal.  We can also provide staff to manually remove harbour’s etc, to reduce machine disturbance on your land.



Animal Exclusion Fencing primarily used to “quarantine” land blocks from potential pest threats


Other Control Methods

Warren System Destruction using Controlled Explosives on inaccessible lands.



Western Land Services can also assist you in developing an Integrated Pest Management Plan, specifically tailored to suit your needs.  We can progressively administer both Long & Short Term Pest Management Programs, providing large or small scale pest eradication and control services.

Controlled pests include possums, rabbits, rodents, mustalids, feral cats, feral deer, feral pigs, feral goats and others.

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