WLS Company Profile

At Western Land Services (WLS), we are committed to the principles of environmental sustainability and guarantee that all of our works will surpass environmental enhancement standards as well as your expectations. We have earned an outstanding reputation for reliability, expertise in the field, attention to detail and competitive prices and are a dedicated team of professionals who will make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.

WLS is a family owned and operated business established in 2002, and has grown into a well-resourced and very reputable award winning company.

Our Strengths

WLS are a ‘one-stop-shop’ assisting you to control invasions with a comprehensive range of biosecurity and pest management systems. Not only can WLS provide the specialised and qualified labour in the field to identify target species, we can carry out assessments, photo point monitoring, and supply accurate reporting data to authorities such as DELWP, Local Council and Federal Government agencies.

As a family owned and operated business, WLS take pride in their reputation as client and outcome focussed, not just a corporate profit machine.

WLS pride ourselves on our safety record and are strongly committed to maintaining entire workplace health and safety.

We have developed an extensive catalogue of safety documentation, including; SWMS, site specific risk assessments, SDS’s, and plant & equipment audits and inspections.

WLS are strategically located in the western growth corridor and are available at short notice to complete urgent tasks to meet our Clients’ needs.

The key to WLS’s success is the training and accreditation of our staff and hence the company overall.

Staff are passionate about improving the land, and our EHS policies ensure they are safe at work too.

Our Management

Steve Hammond – Managing Director

With a background in civil construction, mining and horticulture, Steve has over 30 years industry experience in land management and conservation practices. Steve takes pride in WLS and his team and is a hands-on Director. He can be found supervising in the field and organising logistics, as well as consulting with clients.

Samantha Whitehouse – Business Manager

Samantha is the driving force behind WLS’s policy development and compliance. As a Registered Nurse, Samantha takes EHS seriously, and is also responsible for accounts, recruitment, competencies, staff morale and professional development.

Lachi Whitehouse – Operations Manager

After studying and practicing agriculture, Lachi has joined the family business to add further expertise in stock and land management, fencing, client liaison and business development. He has brought refreshing dedication and drive to the team.

Our Team

WLS has a specialised operations team of environmental technicians, with expert training in the identification and management of native species, and the control of environmental weeds and pests.

WLS also have a specialised unit of staff, who cater specifically to Environmentally Sensitive Areas, such as high priority grasslands, wetlands and areas of cultural significance. The presentation team is well equipped to service your landscape maintenance needs, from large scale estates, parks and streetscapes to detailed front of house presentation, ensuring an excellent first impression for your customers.

WLS invest heavily in our technicians with ongoing professional development, who each receive skills and first aid training through certified education institutes, to give our clients complete confidence when partnering with our company.